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Tim Miley

Tim Miley

Vice President / Creative & Technology

With over 15 years of integrated marketing and management experience, VP of Creative & Technology, Tim Miley, has a proven record for building high-performance design, development, and content teams, driving organizational growth and increasing profitability.

Tim maintains a singular focus on our client’s needs from the spark of an idea to the living, breathing completion of a project—overseeing each and every effort, from concept to build, while inspiring every member of his team in the process.

Through critical thinking, creative problem solving and leadership skills that motivate his ever-growing team of digital creatives and bug-squashing developers, Tim sets the stage for every story we tell through our creative digital performance model. He provides direction for teams of designers, writers, and developers, each of whom specializes in a unique area: from user experience to front-end development and innovative idea generation.

Tim ensures that the Creative and Technical Services Departments continue to evolve with the latest market and industry trends, too—all while continuously identifying better practices within each department’s respective expertise and upholding Noble Studios mission to make a positive impact each and every day through the pursuit of inspiring results.

We want you to be better after having met us—and with Tim leading the charge for both the creative and web development at Noble Studios, we couldn’t be more sure that you will. Tim oversees both of the agency’s Creative and Technological Departments by creating digital experiences for brands like Autodesk, The Islands of Tahiti, Niantic Inc. (Pokemon Go), Adobe, Disney, Travel Nevada, Google and more.

Tying in with his passion for visual storytelling, Tim is also an accomplished photographer, and takes on plenty of creative photography projects during his free time.

As for his awards, we’ve stopped counting them, but it’s a number north of 100, all in recognition of his tech-savvy creative direction and design eye.

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.”

Les BroWN
Notable Mentions
  • American Advertising Federation Ad Person of the Year
  • Google Google Analytics Certified
  • TMCC Graphic Communications Advisory Board Member
  • Industry Related Awards 100+ Awards